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aforceofjustice's Journal

L Lawliet
31 October
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“Ryuuzaki, is something the matter? What is it?”

Watari’s voice is patient and understanding, as it always is. Today is just another day.

Just another day, and Watari turns his chair to properly face him. L knows Watari knows L knows something is not right today. And of course, what comes next is Watari asking for clarification.

“What’s wrong?”

L does not speak. His gaze is on the ground in front of him, his messy bangs hiding the stoic and telling expression from his handler. There is no finger between his teeth today, as each hand hangs limply at their respective side. He feels the need to curl up into a ball on Watari’s lap with a lollipop in his hand, as he used to do as a lonely, lost child, but he doesn’t.

It had taken him a year to be comfortable around Watari. Now L doesn’t remember what it had been like to not trust the old man.

Watari waits patiently, as he often does. He will wait until L tells him, because they both know L is going to tell Watari. Throughout the years they’ve worked together, there has been very little L did not tell Watari. They both know this, and know each other well enough to know that what L has to say is going to change things.

But it’s not what L says that changes things. The things change themselves. L merely predicts, as he always does.

“There will be a funeral in your future.”

It hangs in the air, and Watari stares at L through his eyelids. Coming into the business of crime fighting, they both knew death was just around the corner, waiting. L told Watari long ago that if anything were to happen to him, he is to delete all the information they have collected.

As for this prediction, there is no logic behind it. Watari does not ask for clarification, but trusts L knows what he’s talking about. Though there was nothing concrete behind the words, L has never been more sure. Death is not here yet, but he is on his way.

“I suspect.”

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